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About ME

My name is Michal Kadlub and music has always been part of my life. My father played the drums in a band so it was only natural that my siblings and I attended music school and each played a musical instrument. As a boy, I often musically entertained at family and friends gatherings and I’ve learned very early on that I love how happy people get when I make music for them.  After graduating high school, I was teaching music to little kids, while on the weekends I would tag along with friends who offered professional DJ services.  The adrenaline I got from the people while being on the stage made me start my own DJ services. I’ve been a professional DJ since 1997 in Europe and have been offering deejay service in Chicago since 2004.

I offer professional DJ services in three languages: English, Polish and Slovak. I give my all at each and every event to make it a memorable occasion for you and your guests! I have huge music selection and my main goal is to make sure everyone in the room is enjoying the music.  Call Professional DJ Mike for your next special event and I’ll help you make it an unforgettable party that everyone will be taking about years to come!

Our Story